For more than 30 years, we have been creating unique furniture collections that proudly and with dignity represent the core values of industrial design - functionality, durability, comfort and aesthetics.


Responsibility and values

As one of the leading furniture manufacturers in Poland, we are aware of our responsibility. This awareness motivates us and makes us very rational and reliable in our approach to our work. We believe that true quality is not only about excellent design - it is also about the passion and dedication of our employees, whose daily work ultimately ensures comfortable living conditions in the homes of thousands of families.

In line with our philosophy, we dare to aim higher and achieve more every year.

This approach - full of dedication and commitment - has enabled us to develop responsible and sustainable growth over many decades of operation. We believe that by persistently following our values, the furniture we produce will last for years to come.

Harmony and consistency

What makes our collections unique is consistency - the perfect fit of all the pieces together. In this way, we achieve visual harmony and a subdued balance.

We spent many years experimenting, searching for forms, colours and patterns. We have refined them for months, so that the final product delights with its aesthetics and fits into almost any type of interior. Regardless of your preferences, our wide range of proposals is able to satisfy both fans of classic furniture and fans of modern design.

Make an informed choice

We have been successfully developing our distribution network for more than 30 years so that as many customers as possible can experience the quality and durability of our products in person. Today there are no limits for us - the ability to purchase our furniture online opens up new possibilities. We are proud to announce that we supply furniture throughout Europe.

Polish products are not only synonymous with quality and durability. By purchasing goods from reliable manufacturers, we are thus taking care of our country's environment, as well as providing jobs for hundreds of people who put in a lot of effort to make our furniture last for many years.

We are extremely grateful that you are considering choosing Polish products. We warmly invite you to join the ever-growing circle of our thousands of customers. Your decision already made? Then welcome to the family!


ROPEZ was founded in 1993, starting as a small upholstery shop. Robert Poszwa, the company's founder, developed his first concepts for sofas and armchairs then. He was one of the first to start producing Polish furniture in natural leather. At the time, this furniture was sold to Polish companies and neighbours in the East. In those days, customers queued up for furniture, with lead times of up to six months.

In 2004, the company began its expansion into western markets; today, furniture from the ROPEZ factory is not only found in Australia, you can sit on a ROPEZ sofa even in Africa or Asia. Furniture fairs are a daily bread for ROPEZ, since 2008 we have been present at many such events throughout Europe. 2014, the company's founder knows that continuous development leads to success - and that professionalism means constantly reinventing oneself. That is why he opens his first online shop. 2023 - 30 years pass since the founding of the ROPEZ furniture factory, and the company continues to grow! We are at this point one of today's leading internationally represented upholstery manufacturers in Europe. We have three production facilities with an area of 30000 m2 and employ over 300 people.

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Ropez Furniture Factory
Robert i Aneta Poszwa Sp.j
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